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The following sub-packages of QuakeML 2.0 are currently in RfC state:

 * [[QuakeML2.0/StrongMotion|StrongMotion]]
 * [[QuakeML2.0/SiteCharacterization|SiteCharacterization]]
 * [[QuakeML2.0/StationCharacterization|StationCharacterization]]
 * [[QuakeML2.0/Macroseismic|Macroseismic]]

QuakeML 2.0

QuakeML 2.0 will be the next generation of QuakeML. In contrast to the existing QuakeML versions up to 1.2, it will not be a monolithic and monothematic schema, but can be seen as an umbrella term for a collection of several data models/schemas for different thematic areas. The Basic Event Description covered in QuakeML 1.2 will be a part of it, with slight modifications and updates. QuakeML 2.0 will introduce a few general policy changes compared to version 1.2:

  • publicIDs do not have to follow the restrictions to URI format defined in the ResourceReference type. They are allowed to be anyURI.

  • Values of enumerations are URIs. An implicit hierarchy of terms can be defined in an SKOS file.

The following sub-packages of QuakeML 2.0 are currently in RfC state:

Currently, the following packages are under development:

Packages with new first-level elements (child elements of quakeml):

Helper packages that do not define first-level elements:


Here you can find QuakeML 2.0 documents (schemas) for download. Note: Relax NG is not yet available, will be added as soon as possible.

UML class diagrams in XMI format

You can download a tarball with the UML XMI files here.

QuakeML schema generator

You can download a tarball with the schema generator here.

The schema generator is written in Python. It requires the following Python packages:

  • Cheetah
  • lxml
  • Google flags