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QuakeML 2.0

QuakeML 2.0 will be the next generation of QuakeML. In contrast to the existing QuakeML versions up to 1.2, it will not be a monolithic and monothematic schema, but can be seen as an umbrella term for a collection of several data models/schemas for different thematic areas. The Basic Event Description covered in QuakeML 1.2 will be a part of it, with slight modifications and updates. QuakeML 2.0 will introduce a few general policy changes compared to version 1.2:

  • publicIDs do not have to follow the restrictions to URI format defined in the ResourceReference type. They are allowed to be anyURI.

  • Values of enumerations are URIs. An implicit hierarchy and further semantic relations of terms (e.g., to terms in other vocabularies) can be defined in an SKOS file that will be provided in addition to XML and RelaxNG schema files.

The following sub-packages of QuakeML 2.0 are currently in RfC state:

Soon to come:

Currently, the following packages are under development:

Packages with new first-level elements (child elements of quakeml):

Helper packages that do not define first-level elements:


Here you can find QuakeML 2.0 documents (schemas) for download. Note: Relax NG is not yet available, will be added as soon as possible.

UML class diagrams in XMI format

You can download a tarball with the UML XMI files here.

QuakeML schema generator

You can download a tarball with the schema generator here.

The schema generator is written in Python. It requires the following Python packages:

  • Cheetah
  • lxml
  • Google flags