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QuakeML 2.0 Macroseismic package

Purpose & core features

This package allows for macroseismic intensity data encoding within QuakeML, independently from the adopted scale (e.g. MCS, MSK, MM, EMS-98), and the methodology used for assessing the intensity (e.g. historical research, field surveys, or online questionnaires). The core element of the package is the Macroseismic Data Point (MDP). The MDP contains the assessed intensity and a reference to a geographic location, usually an inhabited place or locality as described in traditional macroseismic scales. Each MDP is referred to a seismic event, and can be grouped into MDPset. Finally, relevant macroseismic information can be associated to each event “origin” or “magnitude”. Bibliographic metadata, particularly important for historical events, can be encoded using the element LiteratureSource from the ResourceMetadata package.

Discussion of package Macroseismic.

UML class diagram: