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Request for Comments, QuakeML Basic Event Description, Version 1.0

RFC_BED_1.0 QuakeML 1.0 RFC Overview


This is the Request for Comments page for QuakeML elements which do not have own categories. Please add comments which are related to these aspects of QuakeML at the bottom of the page. Please also give your name and the submission date.



I can see the value in the EventParameters element (since it allows other data types such as inventory under the QuakeML root). However, it is hard for me to see the value of giving it a publicID. Under what circumstances would referring to the EventParameters element from anywhere else make sense?

Ray Buland, 2008-02-05 (transferred from old trac Wiki by FabianEuchner)


Despite the logical attractions, this element seems hard to justify. Including the station magnitude residual, weight, and a link to the summary Magnitude in the StationMagnitude element would be just as logical and would simplify the format.

If StationMagnitudeReference is kept, making the residual and weight attributes rather than items within the element seems inconsistent with usage elsewhere in QuakeML (and in violation of recommended usage for attributes).

Ray Buland, 2008-02-05 (transferred from old trac Wiki by FabianEuchner)

EventDescription and Comment

From direct experience, the text fields in EventDescription and Comment are particularly prone to the inclusion of reserved characters such as < and >. Either users should be warned that they may need to escape certain characters or a CDATA should be required.

Ray Buland, 2008-02-05 (transferred from old trac Wiki by FabianEuchner)

  • stationCode, networkCode

There are discussions among the IASPEI community to define universal station and network codes. Stations et network will be referenced with their FDSN and IR (International Registry) codes. A publication should be issued on this subject in the coming weeks/months. for the moment, we suggest you to add is the description of WaveformStreamID the following: - FDSN network code - IR agency code - IR deployment code

G. Mazet-Roux ; EMSC 17/03/2008