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RFC_BED_1.0 QuakeML 1.0 RFC Overview

FocalMechanism, MomentTensor

This is the Request for Comments page for the QuakeML elements FocalMechanism and MomentTensor. Please add comments which are related to these aspects of QuakeML at the bottom of the page. Please also give your name and the submission date.


In QuakeML version 1.0, there is a triggeringOriginID in both the FocalMechanism and the MomentTensor elements. Since MomentTensor cannot exist without the corresponding FocalMechanism and since the containing FocalMechanism contains only information related to the MomentTensor, this seems unnecessary. in the case where there was both a moment tensor and a fault plane solution, two FocalMechanism elements would be needed in any case (because the moment tensor part of the information would be different from the fault plane information).

Ray Buland, 2008-1-30 (transferred from old trac Wiki by FabianEuchner)