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Request for Comments, QuakeML Basic Event Description, Version 1.0

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Pick, Arrival

This is the Request for Comments page for the QuakeML elements Pick and Arrival. Please add comments which are related to these aspects of QuakeML at the bottom of the page. Please also give your name and the submission date.


One issue that I can't see how it is going to be handled are reversed stations. Currently programs such as FPFIT and HASH take the phase data as originally picked and then have a file of reversed stations with time periods that they were reversed. These are then applied to the picks before determining the focal mechanisms. It might be good to integrate this information into either the pick element or the waveform identifier element. That way the information would be in the QuakeML format and it would be identified as a reversed station rather than simply changing the pick information which would lose some of the history.

Also, the pick information gives the polarity of the first motion as up or down but this assumes that the component is vertical. It might be better to make the polarity positive or negative so it could apply to a wider variety of components.

(Andy Michael - March 10, 2008)