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Request for Comments, QuakeML Basic Event Description, Version 1.0

RFC_BED_1.0 QuakeML 1.0 RFC Overview


This is the Request for Comments page for the enumerations used in QuakeML. Please add comments which are related to these aspects of QuakeML at the bottom of the page. Please also give your name and the submission date.



At least for the NEIC, EvaluationStatus and EvaluationMode are nearly the same for the Origin element (i.e., an automatic mode implies a preliminary status and a manual mode implies a confirmed status). Additional states such as: reviewed and final would be useful to capture various stages in the bulletin preparation.

Ray Buland, 2008-1-30 (transferred from old trac Wiki by FabianEuchner)

Does an Enumeration consist of a fixed list of possibilities of it is still possible for a user to add a new entry? If yes, it would be convenient to have Enumerations for MagnitudeCode (mb, ML, MS, ...), SystemReferenceID (WGS84, ...) and Origin methodID (inversion, probabilistic method, ...). The idea is to have the possibility for a user to looks for "all origins that have been located by inverse methods and expressed in WGS84 system" for example ?

G. Mazet-Roux (EMSC) mazet@emsc-csem.org 17/03/2008