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You can check out QuakePy from our Subversion repository at You need a Subversion client on your machine to do so.

The checkout can be performed using the following commands:

svn checkout quakepy

This will create a directory quakepy in your current directory which contains the QuakePy code.


QuakePy needs a couple of other packages to be installed. Please check out ListOfPackages to see which packages are required.

After downloading QuakePy, you need to add the QuakePy directory to your PYTHONPATH, using

export PYTHONPATH=/my/quakepy/installation:$PYTHONPATH

for bash, or

setenv PYTHONPATH /my/quakepy/installation:$PYTHONPATH

for csh/tcsh.

No further steps are required to install QuakePy.


QuakePy provides a test suite in order to ensure proper operation of the package. The tests can be run using the following commands:

cd /my/quakepy/installation
make check
make testclean

The tests will create temporary data on your drive. Please be sure to provide sufficient disk space. The command make testclean removes the files created by the test suite.