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List of Ideas

Seismicity Map

  • Function: AddCatalog(catalog, display parameters)

  • Colorize earthquakes by magnitude, depth, time, catalog (if multiple catalogs are shown)
  • Plot earthquake locations with uncertainties (based on the provided uncertainty in the catalog: horizontal error, ellipsoid, etc.)
  • Function: Export to Google Earth
  • Special plot: Earthquake density
  • Plot earthquakes semitransparent as overlay over topography
  • Function: Topography via TopoAPI


Class to provide plots with topographical images. This API should also be accessible from GMT.

  • Use SRTM30, (GTOPO30), ETOPO5, and ETOPO2
  • User can provide higher resolution DEM files
  • Download data (high resolution) from the Seamless Data Distribution System

  • Function: GetTopoImage(min/max lat/lon, topo-source, colormap, light-gradient)

  • Function: GetTopoData(min/max lat/lon, topo-source)


Provides Functions for exporting of data and figures to GMT

  • Function: ExportCatalog(catalog, parameters)

    • Export only locations (lon/lat)
    • Export locations with color-coded value, e.g., magnitude (lon/lat/value)
    • Export locations and focal mechanisms
  • Function: ExportGrid(grid, parameters)

  • Function: GetCoastlines (from pscoast)

  • Function: GetNationalBoundaries (from pscoast)

  • Function: GetRivers (from pscoast)

Display Grid Dialog

Displays values computed on a grid (like ZMAP's gui_result.m)

  • Large dialog box with plot area (right) and control area (left)
  • Offers list of computed values to choose from
  • Offers list of grids to choose from
  • Overlay seismicity
  • Overlay geographical information (coastlines, faults, highways, etc.)
  • Export grid to Google Earth including a selection of geographical information (e.g., faults)
  • Export a SVG plot
  • Export a EPS plot
  • Export data to GMT (see GMTAPI)
  • Mask colored data on a map with, e.g., national boundaries (usecase: display hazard values only for one country)
  • Read *.pov (PovRay files) as colormaps (exported from GIMP; pov2cpt for GMT colorbar output)

3-D Gridding

  • Extend GridML to cover 3-D grids
  • Convert 3-D grids to VTK for Paraview or Mayavi

  • Explore use of TVTK