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QuakePy is designed as a set of tools for statistical analyses of earthquake catalogs. It provides a library of classes for earthquake catalog handling and computations. Many plot routines help visualizing obtained results. QuakePy is developed in Python as a fully open-source library. It makes use of multiple other tools like GMT and supports QuakeML, the XML description of seismological data.

QuakePy is inspired by the functionality of ZMAP, a seismicity analysis toolbox for the use with MatLab. Although QuakePy avoids the use of any proprietary software, many tools for Python allow for a MatLab-like working environment, e.g., IPython. MatLab users should take a look at the NumPy for Matlab Users pages, which explain the similarities and differences between MatLab and Python in the IPython shell.

Getting QuakePy / Download

List of Necessary Packages for QuakePy

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