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QuakeML 2.0 SiteCharacterization package

Purpose & core features

Geophysical site investigations are carried out for different purpose (building site assessment, station characterization, microzonation studies) and may often be reused and reinterpreted in different context, provided data and interpretations are preserved and documented. The purpose of this schema is documentation of different types of measurements and analysis results for geophysical site characterization. The schema covers measurement campaigns, their individual instrument deployments, and versioned analysis results. This covers interpreted and uninterpreted measurement as well as site characterization results e.g. from literature without measurement data available) , documentation of data reuse and concurrencing interpretations of the same (or overlapping) measurements using different methods. Requirements and typical result types of a large number of analysis methods, such as noise arrays, active seismics, H / V , SPT, CPT, borehole logs, and potentially others are covered. Primary waveforms as well as waveforms processed specifically for an analysis are maintained.

Discussion of package SiteCharacterization.

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